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The process is SIMPLE… The results EXTRAORDINARY!

The Gravel Doctor™ is a revolutionary new system that recycles, levels and restores gravel driveways, roads, parking areas and other unpaved surfaces.

Repairs will last longer than merely filling pot- holes with a load of gravel. Existing gravel is recycled to save purchasing new material.

It can also landscape and reshape most unpaved surfaces.

Our unique system completely removes potholes, ruts and corrugations leaving a smooth, compacted surface.

Additional materials are only required in extreme circumstances.

When compared to conventional heavy machinery, The Gravel Doctor™ achieves equal or superior results, in less time, while preserving the original landscape.

In just minutes, The Gravel Doctor™ will:

  • Scarify the top layer of material and work the
    sunken stone to the newly reclaimed surface.
  • It then re-mixes the stone with the finer particles
    and distributes it out so that the fines are evenly
    mixed with the course stone to create a surface
    that will “lock” together.
  • Next, it re-grades the surface to properly control drainage.
  • The area is then compacted with a 1,000 pound roller.
  • The last step of the repair occurs when the rain settles the fine particles, resulting in proper nestling.

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The GRAVEL DOCTOR™ of Mid-Coast Maine
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Gravel Doctor services are available throughout the mid-coast region from the greater areas of Belfast, Camden, Waldoboro, Nobleboro, Damariscotta, Wiscasset, Bath, Brunswick, Freeport, Portland, Lewiston, Auburn, Augusta, and all points in between.  For service in the Eastern Maine region, please contact the Gravel Doctor of Eastern Maine. Gravel roads, parking lots and driveways, economically smoothed, leveled and renewed.

The GRAVEL DOCTOR™ of Midcoast Maine

“The Premiere Pothole and Rut Repair System For All Gravel Surfaces”

Benefits of proper road maintenance include:

  • Increased property values as a result of better water quality and road conditions.
  • Less wear and tear on your vehicles as a result of an improved driving surface.
  • Knowing your road is a reliable access for emergency vehicles

Lasting pothole and rut repairs for gravel driveways and road surfaces require a thorough approach including scarification (not scraping), grading, proper elevation for crowning, high quality gravel products / aggregates, surface compaction and a complete drainage plan. Please see our process page for more detail.